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Principles of IT

IT Principles

For a IT company to be successful it has to follow certain basic principles. If these principles are followed it allows a IT professional to deliver the best possible results in most effective way.

Basic principles are as listed below.

  1. Focus on relationship.
  2. Definition of roles.
  3. Success visualization.
  4. You advice, they decide.
  5. Orientation toward results.
  • Focus on relationship:
    The relationship we maintain between client and the provider is extremely important in fostering the cooperation required to create a product that satisfies the customer’s needs.
    In each project planning phase it should be reserved to understand client activities, environment, and their capabilities and plan to get to know them.
    Discussions between client and stakeholders regarding the client expectations is also very important to build a good relationship which helps end user to understand the final outcome and the changes it is going to bring in their activities.
  • Definition of roles:
    Clear defining of the roles to team, stakeholders and client is also one of the principles of IT.
    Definition of clear roles is very much important so that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities which lead for the smoother running of the process.
  • Success visualization:
    This is also a principle of IT which helps client to visualize how the final outcome will look . This is the phase where final results configuration and potential benefits are identified and clearly defined, as well as client come to know how the new process is installed and it works.
  • You advice, they decide:
    IT professional must always keep this point in mind that clients know better when it comes to certain decisions as he has to work with the new system so ultimately he/she knows best.
    Every IT company feels that the solution proposed by it is the best solution but the client is more qualified person who knows and understands the needs of his company pretty well and will be the one who lives with the final product.
    Any IT professional role is to just propose advice and give technical guidance. But in the end the team should step aside and provide client with what he/she asks. This is the motto behind you advice, they decide principle.
  • Orientation toward results:
    Role of any IT firm is to assist client in all the possible ways which means training implementation of the proposed system/process. IT firm must be ready to customize the suggestion and build the expected results by considering all the aspects (training, communication, change and etc) that will be required to build the expected system.

Following these basic principles any IT firm can build a best framework from which a team can achieve desired results.

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