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Communication Skills

Business analysts ought to be good communicators. They must facilitate working in meetings, ask good questions, listen to the answers, and take up what’s being said. It is not that communication always happen face-to-face. The ability to be a strong communicator if it is virtual meeting is also equally important

For example, changes to scope are communicated through writing so that they can be tracked easily. Placing phone calls or leaving voice messages as a way of communicating change would not be the b option for this context. In prior to place a call, an email, a presentation or a hard copy of communication would not be a more appropriate way to deliver the message.

Communication medium –in all means of passing your message to a single person or a group. Communication may be written or verbal – the approach we adopt always depend on the content/volume of your message, stakeholder preference, the levels of confidentiality associated with the information and other relevant factors.

Let us remember a few points for communication skills:

  1. Listen, listen, and listen– always is a must for every human being in this competitive world.
  2. Who you are talking to matters—it is a must to analyze the person whom we are speaking
  3. Body language matters also acts as an effective tool for communication.
  4. Always check the message before we send to the other party.
  5. Be brief of the topic, specific to the point is also necessary.
  6. Writing the things in a list and then delivering would be more effective.
  7. Think twice before we speak.



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