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Requirements Engineering

Requirements Engineering: a process of defining, documenting and maintaining  requirements. The activities involved in requirements engineering are as follows: Business requirements initiation (gathering stage). Requirement elicitation techniques. Business requirements management. Business solution evaluation and implementation.   Business Requirements Initiation (Gathering Stage): It contains the Assumptions, Dependencies and Constraints of the …

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Leadership Qualities

Leadership: The action of leading a group of people/ organization / Team/group / band /bunch / company /party /gang /crew / troupe /array. We have many qualities to for an accurate and efficient leader. Let us see discuss.. 1. Confidence : A leader imbibes confidence and ‘followership’ by having a clear vision, …

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Influencing is the ability to affect the actions, decisions, and thinking of others to accomplish key goals or tasks that are important. BA leading with influence is about getting the team to willingly follow the direction that provides smooth running of the Project. There are several practices to lead with …

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Attention to Detail

Firstly, the definition of ‘attention to detail’ is the ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task. In other words, ‘attention to detail’ can also be interchangeable with ‘keen attention to detail’. To pay attention means to focus on an action or thing. In business aspect, attention to …

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