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Influencing is the ability to affect the actions, decisions, and thinking of others to accomplish key goals or tasks that are important. BA leading with influence is about getting the team to willingly follow the direction that provides smooth running of the Project.

There are several practices to lead with influence as a Business Analyst.


  1. The ability of a Business Analyst is to influence behavior and establish meaningful relationships with the individuals in a project. Its always a must to have attention to a person’s interests and helping them ,even though the action may not seem to directly related to a project task. As a BA we need to take time to demonstrate and illustrate the requirements and earn the team members gratitude.


  1. Individuals cooperate primarily based on trust.. Build trust by doing things in the “right way” . Build trust by saying what you mean and meaning what you say. As a Business Analyst, our actions and deliverables directly reflect our integrity.     


  1. As Business Analysts, we all know about the importance of clarity in writing requirements. We need not necessarily apply the same concept when giving direction to others.. As on required we must be able to deliver where and when they need our assistance.


 No matter the age, or experience, we all share a desire to always be successful!!!



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