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Leadership Qualities

Leadership: The action of leading a group of people/ organization / Team/group / band /bunch / company /party /gang /crew / troupe /array.

We have many qualities to for an accurate and efficient leader. Let us see discuss..

1. Confidence : A leader imbibes confidence and ‘followership’ by having a clear vision, showing attention and being a strong coach.

2. Transparency : The leader, engenders trust with the team and colleagues. Transparency allows freedom to all the team members for their presence and consistency.

3. Integrity :The employees are always a direct reflection of the values we embody as leaders. So, to insist Integrity among team members always a must.

4. Inspiration : Leaders are driven. They should always be willing to  offer motivation to group of people/ organization / Team/group / band /bunch / company /party /gang /crew / troupe /array . 

5. Innovation : is essential for success and survival. The innovators are always the best leaders.  Whether it may by thought, technology or organization, innovation it is only our hope to solve many challenges.”

6. Patience : Patience is really courage that’s meant to test our commitment to our cause. The path to great things is always tough . Patience makes easy to cross the bridge of hardships.

7. Stoicism :It’s always inevitable. We sometimes find ourselves in some real horrible situations, they may be costly mistakes, unexpected failures or unscrupulous enemies. Stoicism as a quality of a leader is, at the core, accepting and anticipating this in advance.


8. Open-mindedness : leaders need to keep an open mind while being flexible, and adjust even for certain situations. In the startup phase of a company, planning is highly overrated and goals are not static. 

9. Empowerment : Most successful teams don’t always have the most talent but have teammates with the right combination of skillsets, strengths and a common trust on each other. To achieve this we need to delegate responsibility and authority.

10. Positivity : To achieve Positivity , we need to create optimism. There may be many ups and downs, but the prevalence of positivity will keep the company going. It all needs is fearlessness.

11. Communication: communication is a balancing act , when we are in a specific want or need, it’s very important to make work as a collaboration.

12.Appreciative – A wise leader focusses on the values of their team. Success is always achieved with the help of others. A genuine appreciation provides encouragement, which helps in developing confidence, and building strengths.

13.Confident – Trust and confidence in leadership are reliable indicator of employee satisfaction. Good leaders always inspires and fill the team with confidence.

14.Courageous : A leader who is courageous  is prepared to take risks where no one else will do so. They have faith in other people. A courageous leader resolves difficult issues, ready to face difficult feedback, and share opinions.




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