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Best Practices of Communication for Business Analyst

Communication is one of the required basic skill of a Business Analyst. Geographical time differences, Travel expenses, Cultural differences make communication challenging and interesting. Communication involves verbal, Non-verbal and Written communication. As a Business Analyst, one is expected to deliver certain documents. There are many tools that can help both …

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Hadoop Architecture

Hadoop is an open source framework which can be downloaded and installed directly for use. Hadoop is basically for storing and processing huge data sets but not recommended with small data sets. Hadoop is for storing and for processing huge datasets with cluster of commodity hardware. Cluster: – Is a …

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Flume is a system used to capture streaming at a high rate of speed and dump into a target system. The target system can be Hadoop (or) JMS.In latest flume, it can also write into Hbase directory. Flume has two products: Flume (Old Generation) Flume – NG (Next Generation) Flume …

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In this article, Let us discuss how to setup selenium webdriver and eclipse: 1. Install Java on your computer ( http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html ) 2. Click on the download button. 3. Select radio button. 4. Select java that corresponding to your OS. This JDK version comes bundled with java runtime environment(JRE), So …

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Manual Testing and Software Testing

Manual Testing: Manual testing is a type of testing software or a program testing where tester manually executes test cases. Here no automation tools will be used by a tester. In manual testing, tester main intension is to find as many defects, bugs as possible. For manual testing, tester does …

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Requirements Engineering

Requirements Engineering: a process of defining, documenting and maintaining  requirements. The activities involved in requirements engineering are as follows: Business requirements initiation (gathering stage). Requirement elicitation techniques. Business requirements management. Business solution evaluation and implementation.   Business Requirements Initiation (Gathering Stage): It contains the Assumptions, Dependencies and Constraints of the …

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Leadership Qualities

Leadership: The action of leading a group of people/ organization / Team/group / band /bunch / company /party /gang /crew / troupe /array. We have many qualities to for an accurate and efficient leader. Let us see discuss.. 1. Confidence : A leader imbibes confidence and ‘followership’ by having a clear vision, …

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Influencing is the ability to affect the actions, decisions, and thinking of others to accomplish key goals or tasks that are important. BA leading with influence is about getting the team to willingly follow the direction that provides smooth running of the Project. There are several practices to lead with …

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