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Manual Testing and Software Testing

Manual Testing: Manual testing is a type of testing software or a program testing where tester manually executes test cases. Here no automation tools will be used by a tester. In manual testing, tester main intension is to find as many defects, bugs as possible. For manual testing, tester does …

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Requirements Engineering

Requirements Engineering: a process of defining, documenting and maintaining  requirements. The activities involved in requirements engineering are as follows: Business requirements initiation (gathering stage). Requirement elicitation techniques. Business requirements management. Business solution evaluation and implementation.   Business Requirements Initiation (Gathering Stage): It contains the Assumptions, Dependencies and Constraints of the …

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Leadership Qualities

Leadership: The action of leading a group of people/ organization / Team/group / band /bunch / company /party /gang /crew / troupe /array. We have many qualities to for an accurate and efficient leader. Let us see discuss.. 1. Confidence : A leader imbibes confidence and ‘followership’ by having a clear vision, …

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Influencing is the ability to affect the actions, decisions, and thinking of others to accomplish key goals or tasks that are important. BA leading with influence is about getting the team to willingly follow the direction that provides smooth running of the Project. There are several practices to lead with …

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Attention to Detail

Firstly, the definition of ‘attention to detail’ is the ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task. In other words, ‘attention to detail’ can also be interchangeable with ‘keen attention to detail’. To pay attention means to focus on an action or thing. In business aspect, attention to …

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Stakeholder Analysis and Management

Stakeholder means “a person with an interest or concern in something, especially a business.” In other words we can also say Stakeholder are the people that are directly or indirectly impacted with the proposed IT solution. Stake holders are classified into three categories: Project stakeholders Business stakeholders External stakeholders Project …

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 Teamwork in our workplace helps the company to grow rapidly ,to explore many things and learn how to work together. It plays a vital role for the success of the company. Teamwork in the workplace adds a value to the company and staff the ability to become more closer among …

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To survive in this competitive world we must build good relationships.. Be genuine most of the time. Identify Goals and moral Values. Expand Mutual Respect. Establish Meaningful Connections for People to Network with Each Other. Get more in touch if necessary. Build a strong network. One of the keen experiences …

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Communication Skills

Business analysts ought to be good communicators. They must facilitate working in meetings, ask good questions, listen to the answers, and take up what’s being said. It is not that communication always happen face-to-face. The ability to be a strong communicator if it is virtual meeting is also equally important For example, changes …

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