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Business Analyst Supporting Tool : Tableau

Tableau is business intelligence (BI) tool that can help you create beautiful and visually appealing reports, charts, graphs and dashboards using your data. These reports are interactive and can easily be shared with anyone. This data visualization software is extremely fast and easy to use as it has a drag …

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Tutorial About JIRA Tool

JIRA is one of the tools you can use to manage your sprints other tools are Rally etc. Initially JIRA tool was created to track the issue in any environment. The Agile board in JIRA is similar to KANBAN board. KANBAN approach was found in 1950s by Japanese’s Industrial Engineer …

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Enterprise Analysis

Enterprise analysis is defined as focusing “on understanding the needs of the business as a whole, its strategic direction, and identifying initiatives that will allow a business to meet those strategic goals, it helps in understanding the positives and negatives of a particular concept with respect to reference”. Enterprise Analysis describes …

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Why Training is important for a Business Analyst

Training is essential for Business Analyst before they start contributing in  a Project or in improving a process because Training will give more clarity on the Role , Responsibilities and Standard practices. Training will enhance one’s knowledge and keep the participants updated with latest techniques, tools and Approaches.

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