• OOPs Concepts
  • Objects, Classes, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism

  • Java Introduction
  • Java Versions, Java Features, Developing a Java Application at command prompt

  • Java Basics
  • Variables, Data types, Operators, Casting

    Reading input from keyboard using Scanner class

    Control Statements – if, switch, while loop, do..while loop, for loop

    break and continue, labeled break and continue

  • Arrays
  • Creating an Array

    One Dimensional Arrays

    Multi Dimensional Arrays

  • Java OOP
  • Classes, Objects, Constructors, static keyword

    Inheritance, Polymorphism, final keyword

  • Advanced Java OOP
  • Abstract Classes


    Packages and Access Modifiers

    Inner Classes

  • Introduction to Eclipse IDE
  • Developing a Java Application using Eclipse IDE

  • java.lang package
  • Object class

    String class

    StringBuffer and StringBuilder classes

    Wrapper classes

  • Exception Handling
  • Types of Errors, Exception keywords – try, catch, finally, throw, throws

    Exception Hierarchy, Exception Categories – checked and unchecked

    try with multiple catch blocks, exception propagation

    User Defined exceptions

    Exceptions in Overriding

  • Multithreading
  • Introduction to threads, Thread Life Cycle

    Creating threads using Thread class and Runnable interface

    Methods of Thread class, Thread Priorities, Synchronization

    Interthread communication

  • IO Package
  • Introduction to Streams, Types of Streams – Byte Streams and Character Streams

    InputStream classes – FileInputStream, BufferedInputStream, DataInputStream

    OutputStream classes – FileOutputStream, BufferedOutputStream, DataOutputStream


  • Java 5 Features
  • Autoboxing, Enhanced for loop

    Generics, Enumerations, static imports

    Variable arguments, Annotations

  • Collections Framework
  • Introduction to Collections, Collections Hierarchy

    List – ArrayList, LinkedList, Stack, Vector

    Set – HashSet, TreeSet, LinkedHashSet

    Map – HashMap, TreeMap, LinkedHashMap

    Iterator, ListIterator

    Comparator interface

  • SQL (Oracle)
  • Introduction to SQL, SQL Commands – DDL, DML, DQL, TCL





    PL/SQL – Procedures and Functions

  • JDBC
  • Introduction to JDBC, JDBC Drivers

    Steps to connect to Data base using JDBC

    Statement Interface, PreparedStatement interface, CallableStatement interface

    Batch updates



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