Certified IT Business Analyst (CITBA)

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About Exam Course

Business Analyst plays a vital role in IT Project successful implementation. Business Analyst understands the Business process and identifies the areas of improvement or problem Areas and will suggest a suitable IT Solution for the GAP identified. BA will elicit the requirements from the concerning stakeholders and then does the analysis and confirms the requirements. BA will track the requirements during development and in testing phase, makes sure that UAT conducted successfully and sign off on the project closure document is done.

Many Professionals aspire to get into Business Analyst role and many professionals are playing the role of BA without having BA designation. For all these professionals, the best option is get certified as CITBA to get formal recognition as BA .

Target Audience

All entry level professionals looking for entry into BA role or Professionals practicing BA without being designated as BA can take this Certification to formally get recognized.

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CITBA –Certified IT BA - USD 119

Course Contents

1. Introduction to BA

    1.1 Who is a Business Analyst?
    1.2 What is Requirement?
    1.3 Bond between Requirement and BA
    1.4 Who is stakeholder?
    1.5 What is Business Process Modeling?
    1.6 BA Completeness Skill Areas

2. BA Directives

    2.1 IT Companies overview
    2.2 Basic Knowledge on Projects
    2.3 Risk
    2.4 Thumb rules
    2.5 Dos and Don’ts as BA
    2.6 Challenging Areas of BA

3. Business Analyst Competencies

    3.1 Business Communication
    3.2 Supplier Management
    3.3 Leadership
    3.4 Conflict Management
    3.5 Negotiations
    3.6 Problem Solving Skills

4. SDLC Methodologies and Models

    4.1 Sequential – waterfal
    4.2 Iterative – RUP (Rational Unified Process )
    4.3 Evolutionary – Spiral
    4.4 Agile - Extreme Programming, Scrum Extreme Programming Scrum

5. OOA and UML

    5.1 OOA
    5.2 Implementing OOA
    5.3 UML Introduction
    5.4 Use Case Diagram
    5.5 Use Case Description Document
    5.6 Deriving Test Cases out of Use-cases
    5.7 Understanding how a Software Application Works
    5.8 Sequence Diagram with classes
    5.9 Sequence Diagram with objects
    5.10 Activity Diagram

6.Requirements Engineering

    6.1 Business Requirements Initiation (Gathering Stage)

      6.1.1 Stakeholder Analysis
      6.1.2 Requirement Elicitation Techniques
      6.1.3. Sort the requirements (Define Requirements)
      6.1.4. Prioritize Requirements
      6.1.5. Validating Requirements

    6.2 Business Requirements Management

      6.2.1. Requirements Communication
      6.2.2. Requirements Management
      6.2.3. Requirements Organization

    6.3 Business Solutions Evaluation and Implementation

      6.3.1. Business Solutions
      6.3.2 . Solution Assessment
      6.3.3. Solution Validation
      6.3.4. Solution Evaluation
      6.3.5. Solution Implementation

7.BA Strategy

    7.1 Enterprise Analysis
    7.2 Business Analysis Planning
    7.3 Role of BA in handling Change Request
    7.4 Role of BA in Project
    7.5 BA role in Agile Scrum

CITBA Certificate


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