Certified IT Product Owner (CITPO)

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About Exam Course

CITPO – Certified IT Product Owner role is a very unique and broad role in Scrum which combines all of the challenging aspects of traditional Project Manager and Product Manager Roles. Moreover, Scrum Product Owner represents the customer point of view in a Scrum project. It needs to be tightly integrated with the overall Software Development and Delivery Teams and Processes to ensure maximum added value for each and every Product Release.

Whether, you act as a Scrum Product Owner or not in your Scrum team, as long as you’re directly working with your customers it is fundamentally important for you to comprehend the role of Scrum Product Owner in order to be utmost helpful for your customers and to create the maximum added value for them.

Duties of Product Owner

A product owner has to attend sprint planning meetings and sprint demos. However, attending to daily scrum meeting is optional but recommended.

In order to ensure that the development team has a clarity, he has to rank the product features so that the team clearly understands them.

Forming the deadline for the project is the responsibility of Product owner by defining requirements and prioritize them.

Product owner is responsible for managing and developing the product backlog. He has to prioritize backlog of all user stories for implementation and determine the release date.

He has to spend time with the scrum team to prioritize/groom the user stories with few team members. Not necessary that all the team members need to be involved.

Note: The Certified IT Product Owner (CITPO) – Certification has no pre-requisites.

Target Audience

Certified IT Product Owner training is especially appropriate for anyone in the corporate structure dealing with rapidly changing demands and decision-making responsibilities. In a traditional organization, these roles might include:

  • Product Managers
  • Stakeholders
  • Functional Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Directors & VPs
  • Program Managers
  • Leadership Team
  • Project Managers

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Course Contents

1. Agile way of thinking

    1.1 Agile way of thinking
    1.2 Scenario 1

2. Agile Frameworks

    2.1 Other Agile frameworks
    2.2 Scenario 2

3. Events and Artifacts

    3.1 Scrum Events and Artifacts
    3.2 Scenario 3

4. Roles

    4.1 Scrum roles
    4.2 Scenario 4

5. Estimations

    5.1 Agile Estimation
    5.2 Agile Planning
    5.3 Agile Monitoring
    5.4 Control
    5.5 Scenario 5

6. Agile on Complex Projects

    6.1 Complexity Estimation
    6.2 Scenario 6

7. Adoption

    7.1 Adopting Agile
    7.2 Scenario 7

8. Agile Simulation

    8.1 Standup Meeting
    8.2 Planning Poker
    8.3 Scenario 8

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